Smart Education

UNITUM SERVICES NETWORK LLp is eastern India’s leading service provider of smart learning, assessment & institute management ERP solutions for schools, colleges, university and government & corporate training centres. We are a MSME organization with quality & trust based customer-base across India & abroad.

Today, use of technology in education has transformed traditional educational institutes into digital education environments. Every educational institute has three focus areas viz. learning, assessment & institute management and provides software & hardware solutions for all of them.

Services we offered

Complete Smart School Setup

USN LLP provides complete setup services for start-up / establishment of digital schools, smart schools, e-learning schools, pre-schools, primary schools. We provide pre-establishment & post-establishment consultancy and supplier services for school infrastructure, library & laboratory setup.

Digital / Smart Classroom Solution

Classroom Furniture

Library Setup

Language Lab Setup

Computer Lab Setup

School Management/ ERP Software

School Website Development

Computer Hardware & Peripherals

School Security System

Useful for



Primary schools

CBSE schools

ICSE schools

State-board schools

Smart schools

Digital schools

E-learning schools

Product we offered

Smart-Digital Classroom Solution

Smart Interactive Whiteboard

Distance Learning / Virtual Classroom Solution

Smart-Digital Syllabus content for NCERT/ CBSE/ ICSE/ State Boards

Visualized Document Camera

Multimedia e-Lectern / Digital Podium

Digital Lecture Stand

Interactive LED Presentation Screen

Kids Touch Table

Smart Digital Console


English Language Lab

Interactive Teaching Pad

Smart-I Card Solution

GPS tracker for every student/employee

Individual GPS Device (very low weighted 20gm) with 4 SOS Number saving option

Mobile Application with Single IP Security System

Assessment Solutions

OMR Software and scanner

OMR based Exam Outsourcing Services

Online Exam Software